A Factor That Comes in Error Which Is Neglected
Pratyush Raj Dulal

Pratyush Raj Dulal, Department of Computer Science, St. Xavier’s College (Kathmandu), Nepal.

Manuscript received on 28 March 2021 | Revised Manuscript received on 06 April 2021 | Manuscript Accepted on 15 April 2021 | Manuscript published on 30 April 2021 | PP: 1-3 | Volume-1 Issue-1, April 2021 | Retrieval Number:100.1/ijap.B1002101121 | DOI: 10.54105/ijap.B1002.041121
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Abstract: This research is about a common factor that causes an error in every experiment we perform in laboratories to find out the value of a certain physical quantity. That factor arises when we difference the theoretical value and the experimental value for the same experiment which most probably I have considered as an effect of “something” which is undiscovered till the date. In this paper, there’ll be the inclusion of procedures and observations regarding the birth of that common factor as well as discussion on what might be the cause of that factor from an experimental as well as a theoretical approach. This research paper might unify physics as there is the inclusion of a virtual photon which might have obstructed every experiments one performs. Not only a virtual photon, but it might be any elementary particles or a new elementary particle which hasn’t been discovered till the date. The tentative value of error which comes in the figure of charge of an electron that propelled me to think on virtual photon. By getting raw data of experiments and then differentiating it with respect to theoretical values, we get an error by a slightest of margin. On doing the same procedure for numerous experiments, an error which is multiple of charge of an electron was obtained. Thus, this error is what the research paper is all about. It explains what that error is, why there is an error, and how the error is identified in almost all experiments we perform in laboratories.
Keywords: common factor, error analysis, experimental and theoretical approach, virtual photon.
Scope of the Article: Mathematical Physics